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Достаточно ли твоего уровня английского для работы за рубежом?

пройди тест из 15 вопросов и узнай ответ
1. Complete the phrase: The best way to be on the same … with your clients is to get them involved in the project
2. Complete the phrase: I won’t retell you the whole discussion, but …, we chose the second hypothesis
3. You are at the meeting and you want to return to it's agenda. What do you say?
4. Choose the expression which means the same: I’m not sure we can pull this off
5. If you say “This feature needs tweaking” it means:
6. Choose the expression which means the same: How about we park this idea?
7. A situation in which one event triggers a chain of related events is called:
8. Which sentence would you use to start the meeting?
9. Complete the phrase: While the financial results are strikingly good, there is also…
10. Complete the phrase: I’m not sure I see what you mean…
11. Choose the expression which means the same: I can give you a hand
12. When you have a large amount of work, you are ….. with it.
13. Complete the phrase: That concludes my presentation. It’s time to…
14. Complete the sentence: So here's one of the features we built, …..
15. Which statement doesn’t sound diplomatic?
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