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Чего тебе не хватает для успешного трудоустройства за рубежом?
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Правильные ответы на вопросы теста

1. Complete the phrase: The best way to be on the same … with your clients is to get them involved in the project
2. Complete the phrase: I won’t retell you the whole discussion, but …, we chose the second hypothesis
in spite of that
out of the blue
in a nutshell
3. You are at the meeting and you want to return to it's agenda. What do you say?
It sounds like we’re getting sidetracked
There is still room for improvement
Can you update me on the completed backlog items?
I feel like we are making waves right now
4. Choose the expression which means the same: I’m not sure we can pull this off
I’m afraid it’s not going to fly
That’s illegal
It seems doable, but I’m not sure
I’m not sure we can change it
5. If you say “This feature needs tweaking” it means:
It needs consideration
It needs alterations
It needs approval
It needs contingencies
6. Choose the expression which means the same: How about we park this idea?
Let’s implement it straightaway
I’d like to discuss it
Let’s tell about it to everybody
Let’s set it aside
7. A situation in which one event triggers a chain of related events is called:
a knock-on effect
a bottleneck
a game-changer
a bottom line
8. Which sentence would you use to start the meeting?
I think we should wrap it up
Were knocking it out of the park
Let’s kick it off
Shall we get sidetracked?
9. Complete the phrase: While the financial results are strikingly good, there is also…
space for improvement
room for improvement
another invalid point
another main takeaway
10. Complete the phrase: I’m not sure I see what you mean…
Could you speak up?
Сould you pass it on to me?
Could you elaborate on that, please?
Could we prioritize here?
11. Choose the expression which means the same: I can give you a hand
I can help you out
I can commit to the deadline
I can get sidetracked
I can hand it over
12. When you have a large amount of work, you are ….. with it.
13. Complete the phrase: That concludes my presentation. It’s time to…
wrap it up
speak up
sort it out
go over it
14. Complete the sentence: So here's one of the features we built, …..
we failed to deliver some tasks on time
let’s get to refining the Sprint Backlog
it sounds like we’re going astray
let me walk you through it
15. Which statement doesn’t sound diplomatic?
I have a minor thought that might add more clarity to debugging this problem
I’ve noticed a potential area for enhancement that we could explore together
Please review and correct your test scripts before submitting again, there are a lot of errors
There’s a suggestion I’d like to offer regarding the backlog refinement
Хочешь прокачать английский для работы за рубежом?
Подкорректировать резюме и мотивационное письмо
Подготовиться к интервью в международной компании
Подготовиться к работе в англоязычной команде
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